Back in spring, I had an opportunity to own these pair of selvedge denim jeans.
They were handmade by Blackhorse Lane Atelier in their North London studio.


They are the only jeans manufacture in London.
And I love their design, branding and everything.

I wore them pretty much everyday for three months.
And I took pictures of them after the first wash!

BTW I'm a house husband every other day so it's perhaps a good example to show how the denim would truly age with hard wering-in, especially looking after kids ( = arguably the toughest job in the world)!

My first impression was, they came out a little bit bluey.
Typically, on these types of selvedge denims, you would expect the worn part to go white rather than blue.
But if these jeans were meant to be for smart casual rather than traditional worn-in denim, then it's good to stay blue?
So it's up to you to decide if you like it or not so.

Secondly I felt the cut of the waist part didn't suit my body shape?
The jeans kept falling downwards so I had to wear the belt on the tightest size.

I was expecting this to improve after the first wash, "shrink to fit" as they say.
But it did't make much difference so I would mention it here. 
(Later I found out that they changed the cut of this model and apparently they fit better now)

Also, the denim weight of this style is 12oz, and again this model was probably designed for smart casual.
So the light weight denim suit better, and it is perfect for summer months.
But I felt the belt band around the waist was a little bit too thin, loose and flimsy even?

We're probably all used to standard 14oz without realising, so some people including myself might feel not 'quite' right.
Could be an idea to use 14oz just for this part, but it could be just me.
Otherwise I'm so happy with the way they aged.
In details, I really loved how the leather patch turned darker.
Also the solid copper buttons and rivets tarnished and darkened which I liked so much too.
   Overall, they are a great pair of jeans!

Perhaps I might have sounded a bit too critical on this post, but it's all because I'm so bloody Japanese who has been wearing the selvedge denim jeans since I was 12 (my uncle first bought me a pair of ridged LEVI'S 502XX).

I LOVE Blackhorse Lane Atelier's branding, details, quality and everything.
They clearly know jeans very well, and they also know what they have to do in this saturated jeans market. 
I really really want them to go far in the world.

Would I get another pair from them again?
Definitely YES.
I'd love to try 14oz denim next time.

This pair I have is now part of my life.
I keep wearing this pair and show you how they will age after a few more washes.


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