On Sunday, I happened to get up early enough to catch this gorgeous morning sun light.
So I decided to take our Morris Minor Traveller for a quick drive, and took some arty-farty pictures of course!

I love driving on the Isle of Wight because you see an amazing view wherever you go.
But not every driver appreciates it and they want to go super fast, quite often they push me very hard from the behind as they see us as a knackered 45 years-old car falling apart.
 That's not a very good attitude at all.

So Sunday morning is just perfect for many reasons to drive slowly, well, within the legal limit I meant.


I drove...

Yarmouth > A3054 Bouldnor Road > Hill Lane to Thorley > The Middle Road > Tapnell Farm

On this route, you'll mainly see this hilly part of the West Wight, with the white cliff far at the edge of the site.
The continuous hills cover up the direct sun light at this time of the day, so it works a bit like a wall light which I like.

But obviously the view here is absolutely stunning at any time of the day so don't worry about the getting up early and stuff.

Tapnell Farm does a great Sunday Roast too!
So no rush, drive slowly.


These pictures were taken in November
around 8 - 9am

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