The other day, we had an amazing opportunity to visit the only jeans factory in London.

They are called Blackhorse Lane Ateliers based in trendy Walthamstow, North London:


They source the best denims from all over the world such as Italy, Turkey, Egypt, and Japan.  

Then all the components are all made in house by skilled craftsmen.

Some of the machineries are over 100 years old!

David gave us a tour of the atelier.

In Japan, my generation who grew up in 90's vintage denim craze would all know about these details of the "proper" jeans.
(We even said your jeans are your CV...!)

But when it comes to actual making side, that's totally a mind blowing.
This is an ENORMOUS effort to bring back the traditional details!

Even our kids seemed drawn into the story.


Back home, I opened the bag...
Love the packaging very much.
I saw too much of American copies so their simple yet sophisticated design is so fresh and stylish.

Their brand mark is from the shape of their atelier building.
All the buttons are all their original design too.
The solid copper of course.
The leather for the patch is created by the only remaining oak bark tannery in Britain.
Another ageing material to look forward to!

Woven-in tags and hand written size labels.

I chose slim "N16" style in Japanese Denim.

How they will age?
Will find out soon!

BTW the following is may story how it came across to their jeans.
I entered their "My Jean Story" contest and I won!


We take kids in turn so I'm a half house husband, quarter leather worker, and quarter jewellery designer/maker let's say.
I love jeans and I have always worn selvedge denim pretty much whole my life.
When my son was born last year, I knew I would get puked or pooed at in fairly regular basis.
So I had decided to buy a cheapest selvedge jeans from ASOS for £25.
What a mistake!
These denim didn't age very well, whilst I discovered that looking after baby was actually a perfect way of ageing your jeans...because it's even harder than being a miner!
Wearing and ageing ridged denim is one way of recording your history (at least to a weird Japanese guy like myselfšŸ¤£).
I'm quite gutted to miss this fantastic opportunity by choosing a poor quality denim, especially my son's first year of his life on me!
He's turning one next month.
So I'm hoping to get myself a proper pair this time.
Cherishing one year anniversary of messy yet happy job of looking after the baby, also for recording years of our life to come!

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