I know I'm saying something a bit weird, but the colours of those small things I wear could affect my day in many ways, so I tend to choose brighter colours on the gloves, socks or scarves (not underwear though).
Recent "hit" was these mohair socks from Corrymoor  in Devon.

Initially I bought them as x'mas present for Artemis but they turned out to be way too big for her but just right size for me hence they're on my feet now.

They're so warm and comfortable, and most importantly I love the colour.
The gloves, I usually end up losing one within a matter of a few minutes so I never buy expensive ones.

I could't resist the orange colour and this bobbly texture of the knitting so I splashed £25 on them.
Am thinking to saw a woven label with my name and number on it just incase.

They're made in Scotland by the way.

Lastly they're my car gloves which I keep them in the dashboard and use them when I carry things we bought in the antique markets, or driving in a very cold condition(dodgy heater + drafty cabin = arctic), or can be useful when the car breaks down!

They're just gardening gloves so I think I paid just under £10 at DIY shop.
I loved the tone of the yellow colour of the leather.

If you see a Japanese guy with these funny colour bits out there then it's probably me.

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