Newtown is one of my most favourite place on the island.
Good weather or not, it's always wet, quiet, and dramatic.

When the weather is mixture of stormy and sunny, I always think of coming here for some reason, and never felt let down!

It's not too muddy or bumpy so perfect for toddlers, or grown-ups.
All you need is a pair of wellies and a flask of tea/hot chocolate!

My daughter really wanted to go and touch the rainbow…

At the end of the pier/bridge, there is a boat house.
That'd be so lovely to stroll around here on the creek water…one day!

Really wanted to hung around for a bit but she fell over in a muddy puddle, and we didn't carry spare trousers so that was it for us, I had to carry her ALL THE WAY back to the van.

We couldn't walk around with just shorts on, so we decided to park our van near the creek and watch the view, wrapped in the blankets.


 Sunset + shower =

Rainbow again!
If you're coming to the Isle of Wight by car, then Newtown is really lovely place to visit.
It's about 10-15 minutes drive from Yarmouth.
**You will need wellies (and spare trousers!).

If I wanted to live in the rural surrounding area but not too far from the towny bits in the future, then this would be the one. 


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