Yarmouth is one of the smallest towns in Britain and every inch of the land counts here...
So I'd say we're very lucky to be able to rent one of the garages just across the road from where we live.
Our friends had them built and they look amazing both inside and out.
This is my dream garage.

Although I hardly work on our cars by myself for one reason or another, I do care them.
And putting our FIAT500 into hibernation during the winter months is one task here.

Hand wash the car throughout, and jet wash under the wheel arches, then wax the body and chrome trims as well.
Disconnect the battery to avoid a drain.
Take off as much as floor carpets as possible and put some dehumidifier.
If possible you cold leave the windows open just an inch or so to maintain the air circulation inside the car.
(not advisable if rodents are around!)

I try to inject some anti-corrosion wax into cavities such as sills or pillars every 2 or 3 years.
And have the wheel arches coated with underbody seal every 2 years.
To do the arches, some people say just a normal Waxoyl is better than the Underbody Seal as it doesn't peal off.  
I'm thinking of using Dynax UB next time as they have excellent reviews.

Anyway, you could go on such as removing petrol from the carburettor etc, but to me storing the car for just severe winter months, this has been ok for past a few years.

Yep. I somehow managed to put the car side to side horizontally just about.
And there is enough room for our Morris Traveller in front half which means we can accommodate two cars in a garage!

Sorry maybe this post was a bit boring for most of the people…
I never had to bother these things when we used to live in London.
But here on the Isle of Wight, it's so exposed to the nature elements in both good way and other hence you will need to spend a little bit more time and effort on these stuff…boring! (as I warned you earlier)


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