The gearbox on our Morris Minor Traveller is broken and now needs to be replaced.
That's quite a big job because you'd need to remove the engine and some interiors from the car…time consuming and yes I know it's not going to be a cheap job.

The gearbox issue is not something you would detect from a short test drive before you bought the car especially someone like me, and we had the car for good 2 years so not much choice, but get on moving!

So we visited this place called Heathrow Transmissions in Hounslow in west London.
They're the specialist on the gearboxes for BMC, British Leyland cars.
It's a family run business, the dad and son to be precise. 
I only met the dad and he was really nice, let me walk around the workshop and take some pictures.

The gearboxes are normally sold in "Exchange" basis.
You buy the new one, and will have to return your old one to them.
It's a bit like old glass milk bottles used to be.

So you will have to leave the deposit of £180 on top of the gearbox itself which was just over £430 including VAT.
You're looking to pay £600 for the box, then plus the labour…it adds up VERY quickly.
Also it's a good idea to renew the clutch while the engine is off the car…more money!

The Traveller is our winter car as it has a very sufficient heating and it doesn't take long to warm up at all (complete opposite from our summer car VW van). 
Also my wife Artemis is heavily pregnant at the moment so we can't risk to have just the van as our main transport in the middle of the winter…

They had this lovely Austin A35 which is currently second on my Wish List.

His son was working on this yellow Morris Ital BT van.
I assume the Ital was the succeeder to the Minor 1000 for the Morris/BMC/BL. 
These 70s / early 80's cars are getting very popular lately, I noticed.

Now the new gearbox is on the island, and taking it to the garage next week and hoping to get all sorted.
Will keep you updated how things go with the new box.
Good or bad, quite handy to share these kind of information.


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