daddies' day lunch in the woods

Been so stormy and very changeable weather down here on the Isle of Wight recently…it's a bit of struggle to get fresh air.


My chocolatier friend Arno and I decided to take kids to the woods near by anyway and have a lunch there together.
It's sheltered from the showers and winds in the woods, and they can run around on the leafy ground…thought that was a good idea.

But I underestimated the condition as I always do…
She fell over a couple of times and the new xmas jumper went muddy and soaked even before we got to the actual woods.
Leafy ground is soft, but not so easy to run around for toddlers perhaps!


Never mind, keep walking, calling the friends' names…

But it went so dark, the rain was getting heavier, can't find the friends, the winter trees are not that sheltering…typical!
This woods is hugely popular to our neighbour dog walkers and they are so curious what we're doing here in the rain…

But not long after, we got this sun coming in.
Managed to find the friends (they were in the bird hide).
There was a beautiful rainbow apparently!

This day, I wanted to try out a Swiss Army Blanket with my leather holdall in the actual picnic….


Accompanied with Arno's chocolates and Rob Mason enamel mags!

The lunch and the chocolates went down very well, now it's time to play (before it starts raining again)…!

This mild December kept some of the autumnal leftovers and brought some of the spring sprouting
together at the same time...

The combination of these colours and the sun light was pretty amazing.
Pehr needed toilet and she refused to use the one in the bush so that was the end of the day in the woods…dashed home in leg-crossing run which she is so good at.

Anyhow, she said she had a good day out there so that was a good day!

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