This time of the year, the sun sets towards more south day by day, and the combination with the grumpy looking September clouds creates different tone of light every single day which I really love watching, so I and Pehr tend to go for a walk to this west side of the island coast, and it's called Totland Bay.

There was a major land slip last winter and the foot path has been closed for a while.
But it finally opened up again quite recently, so we walked to the next beach Colwell hoping some of the shops are still open but…of course not!

A lot of shops are now closed till next summer, and "best before" date for the island may be over this year, but if you like this kind of nature, then you'll still catch amazing sunsets quite easily.
(I don't normally get my pictures screened / filtered or colour edited, I upload them as they came out)

Half a way there, you can see The Needles.
That's the west point of the diamond shaped Isle of Wight.
There is a old light house at the very end of the pointy end of the cliff.

I have SO MANY pictures of the sunsets in my camera which I haven't posted or put on the Instagram because I know that'll bore you off straight away…

Will try not to put too many similar pictures but the shades of the blue and orange look quite different every 5 minutes to me so do apologise for the habit in advance!


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